Chaotic Perfection: The Millennial Journey

Chaotic Perfection: The Millennial Journey

  • Most Millennials share only their edited highlights, hiding their bloopers
  • What happens when we don’t get enough dopamine? Depression, suicide, shame, and loneliness become our normal
  • We have a generation of lost people with failed dreams who are no longer  motivated
  • We need to learn about our new reality, and take the time to observe and appreciate inner circles

ENTITLED… that’s the most common word used to describe my generation.

It seems like we’ve traveled into an era of chaotic perfection and no one knows which route to take.

We keep trying to get different results by doing things the same old ways, and it’s really no one’s fault.

It’s just the cards we’ve been dealt.

Previous generations had a very different environment from ours and as much as they’d like to help us grow, the truth is their ways simply don’t work in our era.

So, we’re left with this group of amazing young people who have been blessed with so much, but with no instruction on how to navigate their new reality.

So the first question is, how did we get here?

I believe it started with doses of instant gratification, failed parenting and social media posts.

In the Journal “Seeing Everyone Else’s Highlights,” leadership expert Simon Sinek discusses a study about how “people who spend more time on Facebook suffer higher rates of depression than others…”

Simon Sinek

People now compare each other’s edited highlights and hide the bloopers.

We compete for likes and swipes instead of actually focusing on what matters, like family, financial stability, and meaningful friendships.

The gratification we get from social media is now our dopamine (the chemical that makes us feel good when we drink or smoke.)

So, what happens when we don’t get enough of our dopamine?

Depression, suicide, shame, and loneliness become our reality, because we haven’t mastered a better route for this new world.

In addition to that, we now have people who can’t even focus on what matters and they also expect to achieve success in a quarter of the time it took their successors.

They graduate high school or college and truly believe that all those great things their parent said they could achieve are right at the tip of their fingers.

They go into the world feeling unstoppable… like modern-day heroes!

That is, until reality hits and they discover that everything they had been taught wasn’t quite true…

Now, we have lost people with failed dreams who are no longer motivated because they tried and didn’t get the results they have been told they’d get.

They expected the bare minimum to get them everything they envisioned.

Perseverance and patience were not rewarded or developed as character traits.

This vicious cycle has become our norm.

So how do we find a balance?

We need to re-learn about our new world and take time to observe and appreciate inner circles…

I’m not suggesting we all close down our Instagram accounts and embrace corporate America (shoot, I’m currently unemployed Millennial Journeyand have looked at my Instagram 15 times since I started writing this).

What I am suggesting is that we take back the control we’ve given to our environment.

We listen more and follow through on our goals, drown out the noise and focus on cultivating a life filled with purposeful intentions and actions.

That can be a good first step.

About the author

Ezinne Iroanya is a true creative artist with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising and Enterprise Studies. She is also a content creator and currently works for Dior Cosmetics pursuing her passion in fashion. She'd love to connect with you on her instagram page @Taiteavenue!