3 simple steps to kick-off a healthy lifestyle

3 simple steps to kick-off a healthy lifestyle

  • Healthy living seems so complicated with all the media and fad diets
  • Information overload can stop us in our tracks and make us give up on our healthy venture
  • Just adding a few healthy habits into your day such as eating more vegetables can increase your health tremendously


How many times have you been at the crossroads, ready to take the plunge into a healthy lifestyle, only to return to your old ways a short while later?

I’ve encountered this countless times in many of my clients. Healthy living seems so complicated with all the media and fad diets, which causes many people to not know know where to start and experience “paralysis by analysis.”

Information overload can stop us in our tracks and make us give up on our healthy venture. But, starting a healthy lifestyle can be much easier than you think. You don’t have to make hundreds of changes all at once. All you need to do is add a few new habits and routines into your life. The rest will take care of itself and, before you know it, you will start experience all the benefits that a healthy lifestyle provides.

Here are some strategies and ideas that you can add to your day to start your healthy lifestyle on the right track. These are simple tweaks that can make healthy living so much easier instead of causing frustration and overwhelming struggles!

My first tip is to add two new vegetables to your meal plan per week. If you typically only have carrots as your vegetable, start adding a side salad with your dinners that have spinach or arugula, two nutrient-rich green that taste delicious in a salad! If you are used to steaming some green beans, try broccoli or cauliflower instead.

Just adding two new vegetables to your plate will not only get you more variety, it will also be a fun way to experiment with new recipes and flavors! Adding vegetables is the best way to start your healthy lifestyle because you can add to your plate, not restrict or take away!

My second tip is to drink at least 64 oz of water per day. This is about 8 cups. Water recommendations are different for each person depending on weight and activity level, but 8 cups per day is a great place to start. Hydration is key for our health and is vital for survival. The goal is to drink enough to have to urinate every 2-4 hours, as inconvenient as that may be!

If you sweat or workout, or have an active job, you will be needing more than 8 cups per day, and that’s fine too! If you feel thirsty and have dry lips, that is a sign that you are already dehydrated. The best way to start adding more water into your day is to carry around a water bottle and drink one cup before each meal, then cups throughout the day with snacks. Increasing your water intake will help balance your electrolytes, replenish your cells, clear up your skin, and give you an overall sense of vibrancy! So drink up!

Lastly, I recommend starting small with a workout regimen. A great place to start is with a 20-30 minute walk, three times per week, as well as some muscle-building workouts. Walking and strength training are both terrific ways to start being more active.

There are many weight bearing exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home such as push ups, squats, lunges, planks, and sit ups. Add these 2 days per week, and you will feel a difference in your energy levels! Once you get into a routine and are ready to challenge yourself, you can add in some running, classes at the gym, home workouts, and more!

As you can see, starting a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated. Just adding a few healthy habits into your day such as eating more vegetables, drinking more water, and starting a light workout plan, can increase your health tremendously. You will build your confidence and can start expanding your healthy lifestyle from here, adding more vegetables, cutting back junk foods, increasing the intensity of your workouts, and just feeling better in general!

You deserve to be the best version of yourself, and these tips will help you get there.


About the author

Tveen Verano [MPH, RD] is a registered dietitian nutritionist from Southern California. She is currently working as a renal dietitian and has a private practice as a registered dietitian and online wellness coach. Her passion for nutrition and real food drives her to keep up with current research and provide relevant and applicable information to the public to help stop the trend of obesity and provide vitality and health to everyone.