3 easy tips for starting a morning workout routine

3 tips for establishing a morning workout routine

  • Prioritizing your workout will help you be able to accomplish it in the morning
  • Sleep is an important factor when trying to establish a morning routine
  • Preparation is key when trying to get your workout done and out of the way

There are morning people, and then there are NOT morning people.

They’re two very different breeds, and each thinks the other is crazy.

But, when it comes to working out, most people I’ve worked with wish they were morning people so they could get their workout done and out of the way before the craziness of the day ensues. It’s proven that afternoon workouts sometimes get replaced with other obligations, or naps after work, and people just decide to skip it and try again the next day.

It’s hard to establish a routine with this mindset!

As for me, I am the definition of a morning person, often completing my workout before 6 am. Even though that can seem impossible to most, it IS possible to be motivated for your workout in the morning and establish a routine you can stick to.

Here are my 3 tips to establishing an early morning workout routine and being motivated!

  1. Make exercise a PRIORITY. When it comes to working out, pick something you love to do, not something you dread. Focus on the benefits you will feel after your workout: increased energy, strength, and that sense of accomplishment. Making it a priority and looking forward to accomplishing will serve as a catalyst to your motivation and help you get out of bed much easier.
  1. Sleep, sleep, and SLEEP. If you want to start waking up earlier, you HAVE to start sleeping earlier. You don’t have to get into bed at 7 or 8 pm, but depending on your schedule, give yourself a solid 7-8 hours of sleep before the day begins. Eliminating distractions and electronics before bed will also help you sleep better and wake up feeling energized and focused.
  1. Lay out your workout clothes BEFORE going to bed. When you wake up, you’ll see what you plan on wearing to workout. Or better yet, sleep in your workout clothes (clean ones of course!) and that way you literally have no excuse to miss your morning exercises.

These three tips should help you as you start forming a morning routine and getting your workout done in the morning.

Morning people are found to be more productive and happier, and working out in the morning will be a big leap in that direction!

By making your workout a priority, sleeping well, and being prepared for your workout with the right clothes, you will make it that much easier for you to jump out of bed and attack your day!

About the author

Tveen Verano [MPH, RD] is a registered dietitian nutritionist from Southern California. She is currently working as a renal dietitian and has a private practice as a registered dietitian and online wellness coach. Her passion for nutrition and real food drives her to keep up with current research and provide relevant and applicable information to the public to help stop the trend of obesity and provide vitality and health to everyone.